path: root/user_channel/channel_layer.cpp
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* IPMI channel to NIC device mapping modified within JSON config fileJohnathan Mantey2019-02-041-2/+6
* Use network interface name as channel nameRichard Marian Thomaiyar2019-02-021-3/+3
* ipmid: channel: add max transfer size propertyVernon Mauery2019-01-111-0/+5
* Add self channel number conversion functionRichard Marian Thomaiyar2018-12-191-0/+5
* Update const uint8_t& to const uint8_tRichard Marian Thomaiyar2018-12-111-16/+16
* IPMI Channel commands implementationAppaRao Puli2018-11-201-0/+131
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