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* Don't report serviceable action if the watchdog service is not presentTom Joseph2020-01-141-6/+0
* app/watchdog: Always use resetTimeRemainingWilliam A. Kennington III2020-01-061-1/+1
* Expiration flags fix for watchdog get/set commandsYong Li2019-11-011-20/+23
* Data checking fix for watchdog set/get commandsYong Li2019-10-111-22/+25
* Watchdog: move get and set watchdog to new api.Deepak Kumar Sahu2019-09-101-74/+114
* Return error if the input data is larger than expectedYu Ren2019-05-201-1/+1
* rewrite Reset Watchdog Timer command to use new provider APIVernon Mauery2019-04-111-13/+8
* Only include ipmid/api.hpp for the new APIVernon Mauery2019-04-081-1/+1
* remove legacy ipmid.cpp and ipmid.hppVernon Mauery2019-04-011-1/+0
* Get the correct present countdown value when watchdog is stoppedYong Li2019-02-121-4/+8
* Add timer use field support in watchdog commandYong Li2019-02-121-0/+91
* Create libipmid and libipmid-hostWilliam A. Kennington III2019-02-071-1/+1
* rename headers to match stylePatrick Venture2018-09-251-2/+1
* app/watchdog: Only log internal failures onceWilliam A. Kennington III2018-09-211-10/+35
* add .clang-formatPatrick Venture2018-09-071-43/+42
* watchdog: Get only the initialized property during resetWilliam A. Kennington III2018-05-221-2/+1
* watchdog: Use ResetTimeRemaining for wd_resetWilliam A. Kennington III2018-05-221-6/+2
* watchdog: Handle and report internal failuresWilliam A. Kennington III2018-05-221-0/+26
* watchdog: Implements the Watchdog Get CommandWilliam A. Kennington III2018-02-211-0/+98
* watchdog: Implement watchdog action settingWilliam A. Kennington III2018-02-211-7/+32
* watchdog: Implement initialized using the new dbus interfaceWilliam A. Kennington III2018-02-211-0/+10
* watchdog: Rewrite using sdbusplusWilliam A. Kennington III2018-02-211-180/+90
* watchdog: Reorganize header and function namesWilliam A. Kennington III2018-02-151-98/+98
* watchdog: Consistently return errors for dbus failuresWilliam A. Kennington III2018-02-061-4/+18
* watchdog: Fix enabled value typeWilliam A. Kennington III2018-01-291-1/+1
* watchdog: Implement error on reset of disabled watchdogWilliam A. Kennington III2018-01-241-1/+30
* watchdog: cleanup style and similar fixesPatrick Venture2017-11-101-19/+26
* watchdog: split out commandsPatrick Venture2017-10-251-0/+174
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