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authorDhruvaraj Subhashchandran <>2017-08-09 09:10:47 -0500
committerPatrick Williams <>2017-08-10 17:31:53 +0000
commit18e9999232b76cc311bd307fd28adce0fb17db9a (patch)
treecae5703d184253d21bd2f40b448cfa0e147d6482 /scripts
parent63a0051b4f93f1422998f0748c9ac6c0111d25c3 (diff)
Fix for reboot attempt and catch internal failures.
The assumption was reboot attempt left will be sent through reading data in ipmi sensor data, but it is being sent as assertion so adding support to read raw data from assertion bits. Added a catch for internal failures while calling update function for sensors. Change-Id: If45d003c1c22f60e7c8a723c1ff9d077c53cad37 Signed-off-by: Dhruvaraj Subhashchandran <>
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1 files changed, 1 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/scripts/writesensor.mako.cpp b/scripts/writesensor.mako.cpp
index 41f9d60..4355801 100644
--- a/scripts/writesensor.mako.cpp
+++ b/scripts/writesensor.mako.cpp
@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@
from collections import defaultdict
readingTypes = { 'reading': 'cmdData.reading',
- 'assertion': '0',
+ 'assertion': '((cmdData.assertOffset8_14 << 8)|cmdData.assertOffset0_7)',
'eventdata1': 'cmdData.eventData1',
'eventdata2': 'cmdData.eventData2',
'eventdata3': 'cmdData.eventData3'}
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