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authorTom Joseph <>2018-02-22 00:33:38 +0530
committerTom Joseph <>2018-03-01 05:34:21 +0000
commit5ca50959438c3c99acfafe4d0ff301eb29b84233 (patch)
tree2029e9f55678f63251b0e1aa5b75a8f8aa226004 /host-ipmid-whitelist.conf
parentdc212b235dbf0251f5da787316f629d615ede997 (diff)
Implement Get SDR and Reserve SDR repository command
Both Get SDR and Reserve SDR repository command is same as Get Device SDR and Reserve Device SDR command respectively. So the same implementation is shared. Resolves openbmc/openbmc#2615 Change-Id: I64e37837bc5a616bed41a3ceff7d63033d88455c Signed-off-by: Tom Joseph <>
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diff --git a/host-ipmid-whitelist.conf b/host-ipmid-whitelist.conf
index 5fa539a..66af810 100644
--- a/host-ipmid-whitelist.conf
+++ b/host-ipmid-whitelist.conf
@@ -21,6 +21,9 @@
0x06:0x42 //<App>:<Get Channel Info Command>
0x0A:0x10 //<Storage>:<Get FRU Inventory Area Info>
0x0A:0x11 //<Storage>:<Read FRU Data>
+0x0A:0x20 //<Storage>:<Get SDR Repository Info>
+0x0A:0x22 //<Storage>:<Reserve SDR Repository>
+0x0A:0x23 //<Storage>:<Get SDR>
0x0A:0x40 //<Storage>:<Get SEL Info>
0x0A:0x42 //<Storage>:<Reserve SEL>
0x0A:0x44 //<Storage>:<Add SEL Entry>
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