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* Spelling fixesGunnar Mills2017-10-251-2/+2
* presence: Un-hardcode input device pathBrad Bishop2017-08-025-4/+12
* presence: Allow missing tach sensorsBrad Bishop2017-08-021-4/+19
* presence: Add parser support for any ofBrad Bishop2017-08-024-2/+46
* presence: Add any of redundancy policyBrad Bishop2017-08-023-0/+154
* presence: Add sensor to redundancy policy apiBrad Bishop2017-08-025-5/+9
* presence: Add sensor comparisonBrad Bishop2017-08-023-1/+48
* presence: Add fallback testcaseBrad Bishop2017-08-022-0/+249
* presence: Add test directoryBrad Bishop2017-08-021-0/+7
* presence: Switch to new frameworkBrad Bishop2017-08-0211-588/+11
* presence: Invoke pfpgen.pyBrad Bishop2017-08-023-1/+8
* presence: New parserBrad Bishop2017-08-026-0/+533
* presence: Add fallback redundancy policyBrad Bishop2017-08-023-0/+181
* presence: Add gpio presence sensorBrad Bishop2017-08-023-0/+206
* presence: Add new tach sensor implementationBrad Bishop2017-08-023-0/+259
* presence: Add redundancy policy interfaceBrad Bishop2017-08-021-0/+110
* presence: Add presence sensor interfaceBrad Bishop2017-08-021-0/+77
* presence: Add fan utilityBrad Bishop2017-08-023-0/+110
* evdevpp: Add C++ bindings for libevdevBrad Bishop2017-08-021-2/+4
* presence: Check DBus for initial stateBrad Bishop2017-07-081-5/+38
* presence: Add initialstate ctor argumentsBrad Bishop2017-07-083-9/+14
* presence: Remove work from enclosure constructorBrad Bishop2017-07-082-2/+2
* presence: Use new sdbusplus wrapperBrad Bishop2017-07-084-42/+19
* phosphor-fan-presence elog error exception.Dinesh Chinari2017-06-282-11/+5
* Update to use match methods for signal callbacksMatthew Barth2017-06-262-46/+20
* presence: build: Add yaml file to generated depsBrad Bishop2017-06-132-16/+3
* Fan control: Add getService() utility functionMatt Spinler2017-04-261-1/+1
* build: Move presence to a subdirectoryBrad Bishop2017-04-2411-0/+664
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