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* Use shared callMethod function in control managerMatthew Barth2018-05-171-20/+8
* Use shared getProperty function in control managerMatthew Barth2018-05-171-51/+7
* Timer to decrease fan speedsMatthew Barth2017-07-061-1/+2
* phosphor-fan-presence elog error exception.Dinesh Chinari2017-06-281-4/+6
* Evaluate conditions to determine zoneGunnar Mills2017-06-261-13/+93
* Only setup set speed events when not init modeMatthew Barth2017-05-311-1/+1
* Add modes to phosphor-fan-controlMatt Spinler2017-05-161-2/+44
* Fan control: Fill in Manager classMatt Spinler2017-04-271-1/+35
* Fan control: Add Manager class and fan dataMatt Spinler2017-04-261-0/+34
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