Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* build: Add disables for control and presence pkgsBrad Bishop2017-04-242-13/+36
* build: Move presence to a subdirectoryBrad Bishop2017-04-2414-25/+37
* Fan control: Add phosphor-fan-control frameworkMatt Spinler2017-04-125-1/+44
* Use PrettyName YAML field instead of DescriptionMatt Spinler2017-03-272-3/+3
* Generate cpp file using makoMatt Spinler2017-03-211-99/+32
* Move getInvService() into utility function.Brandon Wyman2017-03-205-44/+92
* ObjectMapper: revert service and intf name changePatrick Williams2017-03-201-2/+2
* Move object_mapper per dbus path conventions.Leonel Gonzalez2017-03-201-3/+3
* Documentation only, no functional changeMatthew Barth2017-03-157-3/+159
* Only update inventory when presence state changesMatthew Barth2017-03-152-30/+53
* Trace mapper and inventory errorsMatthew Barth2017-03-153-6/+26
* Update inventory with latest presence stateMatthew Barth2017-03-151-1/+11
* Get inventory manager service nameMatthew Barth2017-03-152-4/+38
* Function to setup fan inventory object mapMatthew Barth2017-03-152-9/+34
* Enable tach signal handlerMatthew Barth2017-03-154-4/+79
* Add tach sensors to each fan enclosureMatthew Barth2017-03-156-2/+42
* Create fan enclosure objectsMatthew Barth2017-03-154-1/+61
* Call gen-fan-detect-defs script during buildMatthew Barth2017-03-103-0/+22
* Add fan presence detection definition parserMatthew Barth2017-03-103-0/+172
* Add fan presence application frameworkMatthew Barth2017-03-099-3/+152
* Initial fan presence build frameworkMatthew Barth2017-01-264-0/+67
* Initial commitPatrick Williams2017-01-181-0/+201
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