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Minimize service name mapper lookups
Retrieve the service names from the cached dataset within the zone for a path and interface, updating the cache when not found. This is used when initializing property values and service name owners. Additional performance enhancements to use `GetSubTree` prior to processing a set speed event will be included under openbmc/openbmc#2911. This will keep unnecessary `GetSubTree` lookups from occurring for paths/interfaces that don't exist to further improve upon initializing properties fan control is defined to use. Tested: First path updates service name cache for all paths sharing the same interface First missing interface on a path updates service name cache for all paths sharing that interface Verify mapper lookups for X number of paths sharing the same interface is reduced to (X-(X-1)) NameOwnerChanged events read/update the same set of service name cache Change-Id: Ia235b36ba5ae8cda38342d7521f3d87080c2970a Signed-off-by: Matthew Barth <>
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