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Add Frequency to Physical LED interface
LED blink operation is governed by the frequency and the duty cycle. A frequency of 1hz was assumed until now and this changes makes it user configurable. If the value is exceeding the capability of the controller, driver will assume a default value of 1hz. Change-Id: I082b0ba3742184c0279bae41d3a5acb4b11379c0 Signed-off-by: Vishwanatha Subbanna <>
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diff --git a/xyz/openbmc_project/Led/Physical.interface.yaml b/xyz/openbmc_project/Led/Physical.interface.yaml
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--- a/xyz/openbmc_project/Led/Physical.interface.yaml
+++ b/xyz/openbmc_project/Led/Physical.interface.yaml
@@ -20,6 +20,12 @@ properties:
description: >
Color that the LED can emit.
+ - name: Period
+ type: uint16
+ default: 1000
+ description: >
+ LED blink period expressed as milliseconds per on/off cycle.
- name: Action
description: >
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