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Create dbus interface for SOL commands
Create dbus properties for Set/Get SOL config parameter command. Some platforms need to call Set/Get SOL config parameter command through KCS, and since sol manager in net-ipmid cannot be accessed by commands in host-ipmid, need to create a dbus interface in phospher-settings to transfer properties from host-ipmid to net-ipmid. TestedBy: With the related code change in net-ipmid, busctl introspect xyz.openbmc_project.Ipmi.SOL /xyz/openbmc_project/SOL can show all the properties needed. Change-Id: I3d3865eac18b80e319872a9f67ecb2d77a22747a Signed-off-by: Cheng C Yang <>
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diff --git a/xyz/openbmc_project/Ipmi/SOL.interface.yaml b/xyz/openbmc_project/Ipmi/SOL.interface.yaml
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--- /dev/null
+++ b/xyz/openbmc_project/Ipmi/SOL.interface.yaml
@@ -0,0 +1,43 @@
+description: >
+ SOL properties use for Get/Set SOL config parameter command in host-ipmid
+ sending config to SOL process in net-ipmid.
+ Since some platforms need to access Get/Set SOL config parameter command
+ through KCS, and current sol manager is implemented in net-ipmid and
+ cannot be accessed by host-ipmid, add a dbus interface for host-ipmid
+ command to transfer properties to net-ipmid.
+ This interface will be implemented in phosphor-settings.
+ - name: Progress
+ type: byte
+ description: >
+ Set In Progress property, indicate when any parameters are being
+ updated.
+ - name: Enable
+ type: boolean
+ description: >
+ SOL Enable property, this controls whether the SOL payload type
+ can be activated.
+ - name: Authentication
+ type: byte
+ description: >
+ If SOL enable Force Payload Encryption and Authenticaton.
+ And the minimun operating privilege level SOL required.
+ - name: Accumulate
+ type: byte
+ description: >
+ Character Accumulate Interval in 5ms increments.
+ BMC will wait this time before transmitting a packet.
+ - name: Threshold
+ type: byte
+ description: >
+ BMC will automatically send an SOL character data packet containing
+ this number of characters.
+ - name: RetryCount
+ type: byte
+ description: >
+ Packet will be dropped if no ACK/NACK received by time retries
+ expire.
+ - name: RetryInterval
+ type: byte
+ description: >
+ Retry Interval in 10ms increments.
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