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Add minimum ship level
Add a framework for describing minimum ship level configurations. Minimum ship level configurations could be useful to enable legacy hardware configurations in product development while still preventing manufacturing escapes of those legacy parts. Change-Id: I005a035ac824a3f966caee4582f0e3344cfa0bca Signed-off-by: Brad Bishop <>
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+description: >
+ 'An implementation may provide a single instance of
+ MinimumShipLevelRequired on
+ /xyz/openbmc_project/control/minimum_ship_level_required.
+ The definition of enforcement of this setting is implementation defined.'
+ - name: MinimumShipLevelRequired
+ type: boolean
+ description: >
+ 'A user has requested that the implementation
+ specific requirements associated with minimum ship level
+ enforcement be applied when MinimumShipLevelRequired is true.'
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+# Minimum Ship Level (MSL)
+## Overview
+The OpenBMC API provides a global setting for enforcement of minimum ship level.
+Typically a setting like this would be used to enable the use of hardware
+configurations in platform development that may not necessarily be supported
+in a manufacturing or field environment.
+If an OpenBMC implementation provides MinimumShipLevelRequired, it must be
+on `/xyz/openbmc_project/control/minimum_ship_level_required`. There are
+**no** requirements on how the setting is used; implementations are free to
+react to the value of the setting however they choose.
+In anticipation of a common use case of examining hardware assets, determining
+if they are of a certain revision or part, and taking some action if they are
+not, the OpenBMC API also provides an inventory decorator called
+MeetsMinimumShipLevel can be implemented on any object in the inventory
+namespace. Again, there are no requirements on what an implementation does
+when a particular inventory object does or does not meet the minimum ship
+## Implementation Notes
+Consider a server platform with an MSL requirement that a fan control card is
+a certain revision, and if it is not, the server must not be allowed to
+boot, unless a user explicitly specifies otherwise.
+Phosphor OpenBMC provides a basic implementation of MinimumShipLevelRequired.
+It maintains a setting store and interface for the setting value. This
+implementation is suitable for the hypothetical platform implementation
+requirements, allowing a user to toggle the setting back and forth.
+To enable verification that MSL has been satisfied, the hypothetical platform
+implementation would need to write an application that implements
+MeetsMinimumShipLevel on the inventory assets to be verified. At present
+Phosphor OpenBMC does not provide any applications that do this. If your
+application is general purpose and could meet the needs of others, consider
+contributing it to Phosphor OpenBMC. A possible implementation for the
+hypothetical fan control card might be an application that validates a number
+of hwmon sensors exist and then sets the MinimumShipLevelRequired on the
+fan inventory object accordingly.
+Finally, the setting and the inventory assets must be compared and the server
+prevented from powering on. This could be accomplished with a custom application
+or for simple logic, with
+[PDM]( rules.
diff --git a/xyz/openbmc_project/Inventory/Decorator/MeetsMinimumShipLevel.interface.yaml b/xyz/openbmc_project/Inventory/Decorator/MeetsMinimumShipLevel.interface.yaml
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+description: >
+ 'Applications may implement the MeetsMinimumShipLevel (MSL) decorator on an
+ object in the inventory namespace to denote that the item does or does
+ not meet an implementation defined minimum level for shipment requirement.
+ There are no requirements on how implementations react to inventory items
+ that do or do not meet the MSL. Typical reactions might be to prevent
+ a system from powering on or logging events.'
+ - name: MeetsMinimumShipLevel
+ type: boolean
+ description: >
+ 'The inventory item meets the implementation defined minimum ship
+ level requirements when MeetsMinimumShipLevel is true.'
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