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Document host/chassis/bmc mapping (current and future)
I believe this is the only possible way we can realistically provide forwards and backwards API compatibility. We have existing API users, and we can't go and rewrite the world, so we need to extend the API in a way that enables them to continue working. Change-Id: I741485adf98126919b2a521d8bfbd235b13750ae Signed-off-by: Stewart Smith <>
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+## BMC to Host to Chassis Mapping
+In the future, OpenBMC will provide an association API, which allows one
+to programmatically work out the mapping between BMCs, Chassis and Hosts.
+In order to not introduce subtle bugs with existing API users, `bmc0`,
+`chassis0` and `host0` are special. If they exist, they are guaranteed to talk
+to the system as a whole as if it was a system with one BMC, one chassis and
+one host. If there are multiple hosts, then bmc0/chassis0/host0
+will *not* exist. In the event of multiple BMCs or Chassis, bmc0 and chassis0
+will act on all entities as if they are one (if at all possible).
+This behaviour means that existing code will continue to work, or error out
+if the request would be ambiguous and probably not what the user wanted.
+For example, if a system has two chassis, only powering off the first chassis
+(while leaving the second chassis on) is certainly *not* what the API user had
+in mind as they likely desired to hard power off the system. In such a
+multi-chassis system, starting counting from 1 rather than 0 would avoid this
+problem, while allowing an API user to *intentionally* only power off one
+chassis. With chassis0 being special, it would allow existing code to continue
+to function on this multi-chassis system.
+For example, a system with multiple hosts would have BMCs, Chassis and Hosts
+*all* start numbering from 1 rather than 0. This is because multiple hosts
+could be in the same chassis, or controlled by the same BMC, so taking action
+against them would *not* be what the API user intended.
+It is safe to continue to write code referencing bmc0, host0 and
+chassis0 and that code will continue to function, or error out rather than
+doing something undesirable.
## Hard vs. Soft Power Off
A hard power off is where you simply cut power to a chassis. You don't give
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