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* Merge branch 'patman' of git:// Rini2015-01-314-20/+21
| * patman: Explain how to make doc/git-mailrc workSimon Glass2015-01-301-5/+8
| * patman: Check commit_match before stripping leading whitespaceScott Wood2015-01-301-1/+3
| * patman: Make dry-run output match real functionalityPeter Tyser2015-01-302-14/+10
* | Merge branch 'master' of git:// Rini2015-01-301-1/+3
|\ \
| * | Use hash.c in mkimageRuchika Gupta2015-01-291-0/+1
| * | rsa: Split the rsa-verify to separate the modular exponentiationRuchika Gupta2015-01-291-1/+2
| |/
* | tools: do not print error messages in verify_header() functionsGuilherme Maciel Ferreira2015-01-292-11/+12
* | dumpimage: fit: extract FIT imagesGuilherme Maciel Ferreira2015-01-291-1/+92
* | dumpimage: replace the term "datafile" by "subimage"Guilherme Maciel Ferreira2015-01-294-18/+19
* | dumpimage: add 'T' option to explicitly set the image typeGuilherme Maciel Ferreira2015-01-293-39/+37
* | imagetool: replace image registration function by linker_lists featureGuilherme Maciel Ferreira2015-01-2918-376/+254
* | imagetool: make the image_save_datafile() available to all image typesGuilherme Maciel Ferreira2015-01-293-27/+45
* | imagetool: move common code to imagetool moduleGuilherme Maciel Ferreira2015-01-294-130/+90
* buildman: Add an option to write the full build outputSimon Glass2015-01-144-3/+9
* buildman: Add the option to download toolchains from kernel.orgSimon Glass2015-01-146-13/+303
* buildman: Allow architecture to alias to multiple toolchainsSimon Glass2015-01-143-5/+23
* buildman: Don't use the local settings when running testsSimon Glass2015-01-141-1/+14
* buildman: Don't complain about missing sections in ~/.buildmanSimon Glass2015-01-141-1/+0
* buildman: Add documentation about the .buildman fileSimon Glass2015-01-141-20/+53
* buildman: Add a note about Python pre-requisitesSimon Glass2015-01-141-1/+10
* buildman: Add an option to use the full tool chain pathSimon Glass2015-01-145-10/+25
* buildman: Put the toolchain path first instead of last in PATHSimon Glass2015-01-141-1/+1
* buildman: Try to avoid hard-coded string parsingSimon Glass2015-01-141-1/+8
* buildman: Allow specifying a range of commits to buildSimon Glass2015-01-143-9/+45
* buildman: Don't remove entire output directory when testingSimon Glass2015-01-141-1/+2
* buildman: Add an option to flatten output directory treesSimon Glass2015-01-144-6/+24
* buildman: Try to guess the upstream commitSimon Glass2015-01-143-16/+67
* buildman: Don't prune output space for 'current source' buildSimon Glass2015-01-141-0/+2
* buildman: Put build in 'current', not 'current/current'Simon Glass2015-01-141-4/+3
* buildman: Add tests that check the correct output directory is usedSimon Glass2015-01-141-0/+31
* Merge branch 'buildman' of git:// Rini2015-01-141-0/+2
| * patman: Use the full commit hash for 'git checkout'Simon Glass2014-11-032-3/+2
| * buildman: Don't default to -e when using -sSimon Glass2014-11-031-1/+2
| * buildman: Fix repeating board list with -lSimon Glass2014-11-031-1/+2
* | x86: Correct ifdtool microcode calculationSimon Glass2015-01-131-2/+2
* | tools/kwbimage.c: fix parser error handlingAndreas Bießmann2015-01-111-6/+8
* | fix: tools: kwbimage.c: Initialize headersz to suppress warningŁukasz Majewski2015-01-101-1/+1
* | buildman: Fix some typos in READMEDirk Behme2014-12-291-7/+7
* | x86: Add a script to process Intel microcode filesSimon Glass2014-12-182-0/+254
* | x86: ifdtool: Add support for early microcode accessSimon Glass2014-12-182-8/+103
* | x86: ifdtool: Use a structure for the file/address listSimon Glass2014-12-181-6/+18
* | x86: ifdtool: Display filename when file errors are reportedSimon Glass2014-12-181-12/+18
* | x86: ifdtool: Correct a debug() missing parameterSimon Glass2014-12-181-1/+2
* | x86: ifdtool: Separate out filenames for -D and -iSimon Glass2014-12-131-6/+6
* | tools/ifdtool: Support writing multiple files (-w) simultaneouslyBin Meng2014-12-132-7/+26
* | ls102xa: pblimage: Add pblimage tool support for LS102xAAlison Wang2014-12-111-35/+75
* | Merge branch 'sandbox' of git:// Rini2014-12-045-19/+17
|\ \
| * | buildman: Don't default to -e when building current sourceSimon Glass2014-11-262-14/+12
| * | buildman: Fix repeating board list with -lSimon Glass2014-11-261-1/+2
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