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* ppc: Zap Hymod boardMarek Vasut2014-10-2720-2580/+0
* tools: kwbimage: Add image version 1 support for Armada XP / 370Stefan Roese2014-10-231-268/+782
* tools: Compile kwboot for Marvell Armada XP as those SoCs are now supportedStefan Roese2014-10-231-0/+1
* tools/kwboot: Sync with latest barebox version to support Armada XPStefan Roese2014-10-231-14/+97
* tools: socfpga: Add socfpga preloader signing to mkimageCharles Manning2014-10-064-0/+263
* tools: remove reformat.pyMasahiro Yamada2014-09-241-132/+0
* tools/ pick up also commented maitainersMasahiro Yamada2014-09-241-0/+3
* tools/env: change stripping strategy to allow no-strippingThomas Petazzoni2014-09-241-6/+8
* patman: Add a -m option to avoid copying the maintainersSimon Glass2014-09-213-5/+12
* buildman: Fix the logic for the bloat commandSimon Glass2014-09-211-3/+3
* kconfiglib: change SPDX-License-Identifier to ISCMasahiro Yamada2014-09-171-1/+1
* Merge branch 'master' of git:// Rini2014-09-172-1/+8
| * imximage: Fix imximage IVT bug for EIM-NOR bootYe.Li2014-09-091-0/+7
| * tools: imximage: Fix the maximum DCD size for mx53/mx6Fabio Estevam2014-09-091-1/+1
* | tools/ improve performance more with KconfiglibMasahiro Yamada2014-09-161-440/+258
* | tools: Import KconfiglibMasahiro Yamada2014-09-161-0/+3799
* | buildman: fix typos of --dry-run help messageMasahiro Yamada2014-09-091-1/+1
* | buildman: Create parent directories as necessaryThierry Reding2014-09-092-3/+6
* | patman: make run results better visibleVadim Bendebury2014-09-091-1/+6
* | buildman: Ignore conflicting tagsSimon Glass2014-09-093-9/+13
* | buildman: Permit branch names with an embedded '/'Simon Glass2014-09-092-5/+14
* | buildman: Expand output test to cover directory prefixesSimon Glass2014-09-091-8/+46
* | buildman: Add additional functional testsSimon Glass2014-09-091-18/+306
* | patman: Start with a clean series when neededSimon Glass2014-09-091-1/+3
* | buildman: Provide an internal option to clean the outpur dirSimon Glass2014-09-091-1/+10
* | buildman: Correct counting of build failures on retrySimon Glass2014-09-091-7/+8
* | buildman: Allow tests to have their own boardsSimon Glass2014-09-092-10/+31
* | buildman: Avoid looking at config file or toolchains in testsSimon Glass2014-09-092-5/+29
* | buildman: Set up bsettings outside the control moduleSimon Glass2014-09-092-1/+2
* | buildman: Add a functional testSimon Glass2014-09-094-18/+206
* | patman: Provide a way to intercept commands for testingSimon Glass2014-09-091-0/+20
* | buildman: Move full help code into the control moduleSimon Glass2014-09-092-6/+8
* | buildman: Move the command line code into its own fileSimon Glass2014-09-092-71/+87
* | patman: RunPipe() should not pipe stdout/stderr unless askedSimon Glass2014-09-092-3/+7
* | buildman: Enhance basic test to check summary outputSimon Glass2014-09-091-5/+96
* | buildman: Send builder output through a function for testingSimon Glass2014-09-091-28/+30
* | patman: Add a way of recording terminal output for testingSimon Glass2014-09-091-0/+72
* | patman: Fix detection of git versionSimon Glass2014-09-051-0/+2
* | buildman: Separate out display of warnings and errorsSimon Glass2014-09-052-23/+91
* | buildman: Add an option to show which boards caused which errorsSimon Glass2014-09-054-13/+50
* | buildman: Remove the directory prefix from each error lineSimon Glass2014-09-051-1/+3
* | buildman: Implement an option to exclude boards from the buildSimon Glass2014-09-054-8/+41
* | buildman: Allow make-flags variables to include '-' and '_'Simon Glass2014-09-052-2/+4
* | buildman: Set the return code to indicate build resultSimon Glass2014-09-054-3/+20
* | patman: Avoid changing the order of tagsSimon Glass2014-09-051-13/+1
* | patman: Use --no-pager' to stop git from forking a pagerSimon Glass2014-09-051-1/+1
* | patman: Remove the -a optionSimon Glass2014-09-052-95/+0
* | patman: Correct unit tests to run correctlySimon Glass2014-09-054-14/+22
* | patman: Fix indentation in terminal.pySimon Glass2014-09-051-53/+55
* tools/ change shebang into /usr/bin/env python2Masahiro Yamada2014-08-281-1/+3
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