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* Makefile: move fs/fat/ entry to drivers/MakefileMasahiro Yamada2013-11-171-1/+1
* Makefile: refactor a littleMasahiro Yamada2013-11-171-2/+1
* Makefile: rename all libraries to built-in.oMasahiro Yamada2013-11-171-36/+37
* powerpc: move mpc8xxx entry under arch/powerpc/cpu/Masahiro Yamada2013-11-171-12/+1
* Makefile: convert makefiles to Kbuild style and delete grep switchMasahiro Yamada2013-11-011-21/+4
* ARM: s5pc, exynos: move Samsung ARM SoC specific code under arch/arm/Masahiro Yamada2013-10-311-4/+0
* ARM: omap: move OMAP specific code under arch/arm/Masahiro Yamada2013-10-311-4/+0
* ARM: tegra: move Tegra specific code under arch/arm/Masahiro Yamada2013-10-311-5/+1
* ARM: imx-common: convert makefiles to Kbuild styleMasahiro Yamada2013-10-311-1/+3
* Makefile: prepare for using Kbuild-style MakefileMasahiro Yamada2013-10-311-2/+20
* spl/Makefile: Add drivers/power/pmic/libpmic to CONFIG_SPL_POWER_SUPPORTTom Rini2013-09-201-1/+2
* Merge branch 'u-boot-ti/master' into 'u-boot-arm/master'Albert ARIBAUD2013-09-041-0/+1
| * arm, spl: add watchdog library to SPLHeiko Schocher2013-08-281-0/+1
* | TPL : introduce the TPL based on the SPLYing Zhang2013-08-201-4/+16
* | powerpc: mpc85xx: Support booting from SD Card with SPLYing Zhang2013-08-201-0/+3
* | SPL: Makefile: Build a separate for SPLJoel Fernandes2013-08-191-0/+1
* ARM: OMAP: Add CONFIG_OMAP_COMMONLokesh Vutla2013-08-151-1/+1
* Add GPL-2.0+ SPDX-License-Identifier to source filesWolfgang Denk2013-07-241-2/+1
* Merge branch 'u-boot-samsung/master' into 'u-boot-arm/master'Albert ARIBAUD2013-06-191-0/+8
| * exynos: update tzpc to make it common for exynos4 and exynos5Inderpal Singh2013-06-041-0/+4
* | imx: spl: Merge libimx-common make rulesBenoît Thébaudeau2013-05-161-5/+1
* imx: iomux-v3: Add iomux-mx35.hBenoît Thébaudeau2013-05-051-1/+1
* arm: mx5: Add SPL support code to MX5Marek Vasut2013-05-051-0/+4
* imx: Move some i.MX common functions into the imx-common directoryStefan Roese2013-04-221-0/+4
* ti814x_evm: add ti814x evm board supportMatt Porter2013-03-241-1/+1
* Refactor linker-generated arraysAlbert ARIBAUD2013-03-121-1/+0
* Remove linker lists (LGAs) from SPL linker scriptsAlbert ARIBAUD2013-03-121-6/+2
* spl: support for booting via usbethIlya Yanok2013-02-181-0/+2
* Merge branch 'u-boot-imx/master' into 'u-boot-arm/master'Albert ARIBAUD2013-02-021-5/+2
| * imximage.cfg: run files through C preprocessorTroy Kisky2013-01-221-5/+2
* | Tegra30: Add generic Tegra30 build supportTom Warren2013-01-161-1/+1
* Merge branch 'master' of git:// into resolveMinkyu Kang2012-12-101-0/+21
| * spl: include resetvec and lib8xxxScott Wood2012-11-261-0/+21
* | Merge git:// Babic2012-11-102-8/+10
|\ \ | |/
| * Merge remote-tracking branch 'u-boot-ti/master'Albert ARIBAUD2012-10-261-6/+3
| |\
| | * omapimage: Add support for byteswapped SPI imagesTom Rini2012-10-251-6/+3
| * | common: Add symbol handling for generic lists into MakefileMarek Vasut2012-10-222-2/+7
| |/
* | SPL: Added SPL target for mx35 SOC to SPL MakefileStefano Babic2012-10-261-0/+6
* Tegra20: Move some code files to common directories for upcoming Tegra30 patc...Tom Warren2012-10-151-0/+2
* OMAP: networking support for SPLIlya Yanok2012-10-011-0/+3
* SPL: Move the omap SPL framework to common/splTom Rini2012-09-271-0/+1
* spl: remove forced linking of commands into SPLTyler Olmstead2012-09-181-3/+1
* spl: fix SPL build of private libgccAllen Martin2012-09-011-0/+6
* tegra20: move tegra20 SoC code to arch/arm/cpu/tegra20-commonAllen Martin2012-09-011-0/+4
* Makefile: fix HAVE_VENDOR_COMMON_LIBScott Wood2012-08-171-1/+1
* Makefile: cosmetic: optimize usage of LIBS-yDaniel Schwierzeck2012-08-101-2/+1
* Define CPUDIR for the .lds link scriptSimon Glass2012-03-301-0/+1
* Allow arch directory to contain .lds without requiring MakefileSimon Glass2012-03-301-0/+3
* ARM:AM33XX: Add SPL support for AM335X EVMChandan Nath2012-01-161-7/+6
* omap5: Add minimal support for omap5430.Sricharan2011-11-151-0/+3
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