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* board: am335x: Allow to choose serial device dynamicallyLokesh Vutla2016-05-271-0/+4
* serial: remove altera serial initializationsThomas Chou2015-10-231-2/+0
* ARM: remove cm4008 and cm41xx board supportMasahiro Yamada2015-02-241-1/+0
* ARM: remove jadecpu board supportMasahiro Yamada2015-02-241-1/+1
* serial: add prototypes for init functionsJeroen Hofstee2014-11-041-0/+49
* dm: Add a uclass for serial devicesSimon Glass2014-09-101-0/+92
* ppc4xx: Remove support for PPC405CR CPUsMatthias Fuchs2013-08-201-1/+1
* Tegra30: Add generic Tegra30 build supportTom Warren2013-01-161-1/+1
* serial: Implement default_serial_puts()Marek Vasut2012-10-171-0/+2
* serial: Remove CONFIG_SERIAL_MULTI from remaining sourcesMarek Vasut2012-10-151-1/+1
* serial: zoom2: Remove zoom2 serial prototypes from serial.hMarek Vasut2012-10-151-7/+0
* serial: bfin: Adjust serial_register_bfin_uart()Marek Vasut2012-10-151-4/+0
* serial: bfin: Remove the bfin_serialN_device exports from serial.hMarek Vasut2012-10-151-4/+0
* serial: ns16550: Move serial registration from serial_initialize()Marek Vasut2012-10-151-6/+2
* serial: mpc512x: Move serial registration from serial_initialize()Marek Vasut2012-10-151-7/+0
* serial: microblaze: Move serial registration from serial_initialize()Marek Vasut2012-10-151-7/+0
* serial: zynq: Move serial registration from serial_initialize()Tom Rini2012-10-151-5/+0
* serial: s5p: Move serial registration from serial_initialize()Marek Vasut2012-10-151-7/+0
* serial: pxa: Move serial registration from serial_initialize()Marek Vasut2012-10-151-4/+0
* serial: s3c24xx: Move serial registration from serial_initialize()Marek Vasut2012-10-151-6/+0
* serial: Rename .init() and .uninit() in serial_deviceMarek Vasut2012-10-151-2/+2
* serial: Coding style cleanup of struct serial_deviceMarek Vasut2012-10-151-12/+11
* serial: Add Zynq serial driverMichal Simek2012-10-041-0/+5
* serial: Support serial multi for MicroblazeMichal Simek2012-09-111-1/+2
* tegra20: rename tegra2 -> tegra20Allen Martin2012-09-011-1/+1
* net/miiphy/serial: drop duplicate "NAMESIZE" defineMike Frysinger2012-03-181-3/+2
* x86: Initial commit for running as a coreboot payloadGabe Black2011-12-191-1/+1
* serial: constify serial_assign()Gerlando Falauto2011-12-051-1/+1
* serial: cosmetic checkpatch complianceGerlando Falauto2011-12-051-9/+10
* serial: uartlite: Support for SERIAL_MULTIMichal Simek2011-10-091-0/+7
* Merge branch 'master' of git:// Denk2011-08-021-0/+9
| * Blackfin: uart: add multiple serial supportMike Frysinger2011-07-121-0/+9
* | serial: implement common uart post testMike Frysinger2011-07-261-0/+5
* | serial: drop useless ctlr fieldMike Frysinger2011-07-261-2/+0
* serial: Add Tegra2 serial port supportTom Warren2011-02-211-1/+2
* Merge branch 'master' of git:// Denk2010-09-081-1/+1
| * ARMV7: S5P: rename from CONFIG_S5PC1XX to CONFIG_S5PMinkyu Kang2010-08-261-1/+1
* | ARM: Add support for MB86R0x SoCsMatthias Weisser2010-08-101-3/+3
* x86: Use CONFIG_SERIAL_MULTIGraeme Russ2010-05-061-1/+2
* SAMSUNG: serial: modify name from s5pc1xx to s5pMinkyu Kang2010-04-301-4/+4
* mpc5121: add PSC serial communication routinesAnatolij Gustschin2010-04-241-0/+7
* mpc512x: add multi serial PSC supportAnatolij Gustschin2010-04-241-0/+7
* serial: struct serial_device: add uninit() entry for driversAnatolij Gustschin2010-04-241-0/+1
* OMAP3 zoom2 Use usbtty if the debug board is not connected.Tom Rix2009-12-201-0/+12
* USBTTY make some function declarations easier to use.Tom Rix2009-12-201-0/+6
* s5pc1xx: support serial driverMinkyu Kang2009-10-131-0/+7
* stdio/device: rework function naming conventionJean-Christophe PLAGNIOL-VILLARD2009-07-181-1/+1
* 8xxx: Second UART port added for MPC85xx, MPC83xx, MPC86xx processorsPoonam Aggrwal2009-07-021-1/+2
* ZOOM2 Add serial support.Tom Rix2009-06-121-0/+7
* rename CFG_ macros to CONFIG_SYSJean-Christophe PLAGNIOL-VILLARD2008-10-181-2/+2
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