path: root/include/dataflash.h
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* Coding Style cleanup: remove trailing white spaceWolfgang Denk2013-10-141-1/+1
* Add GPL-2.0+ SPDX-License-Identifier to source filesWolfgang Denk2013-07-241-17/+1
* dataflash: fix parameters order in write_dataflash()Igor Grinberg2011-11-291-1/+2
* env: clean env_dataflash.c checkpatch and code styleIgor Grinberg2011-11-221-0/+2
* ATMEL: fix dataflash (dirty) this file should be converted to struct SoC accessReinhard Meyer2011-05-181-1/+0
* rename CFG_ macros to CONFIG_SYSJean-Christophe PLAGNIOL-VILLARD2008-10-181-3/+3
* DataFlash: AT45DB021 fix and AT45DB081 supportSergey Lapin2008-08-091-1/+1
* DataFlash AT45DB021 supportSergey Lapin2008-07-101-0/+1
* Clean up dataflash partitioningUlf Samuelsson2008-04-181-5/+8
* Cleanup DataFlash partition handlingStelian Pop2008-04-011-5/+1
* Coding style cleanup. Update CHANGELOG.Wolfgang Denk2007-08-141-1/+1
* Add MACH_TYPE records for several AT91 boards.Peter Pearse2007-08-141-1/+42
* * Cleanup lowboot code for MPC5200wdenk2004-01-021-1/+0
* * Patch by Nicolas Lacressonnire, 12 Nov 2003:wdenk2003-12-061-9/+13
* * Code cleanup:wdenk2003-06-271-1/+0
* * Patch by Nicolas Lacressonniere, 11 Jun 2003:wdenk2003-06-161-0/+176
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