path: root/examples/standalone/stubs.c
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Add support for 64-bit MIPS to examples/standaloneStanislav Galabov2016-05-211-0/+18
* Export redesignMartin Dorwig2015-01-291-31/+33
* standalone: use GCC_VERSION defined in compiler-gcc.hMasahiro Yamada2014-09-161-5/+2
* arc: add support for standalone programsAlexey Brodkin2014-02-071-0/+13
* arm64: core supportDavid Feng2014-01-091-0/+15
* ARM: fix the standalone programsJeroen Hofstee2013-12-121-2/+2
* Change stub example to use asm-generic/sections.hSimon Glass2013-03-151-4/+3
* openrisc: Add support for standalone programsStefan Kristiansson2012-01-131-0/+14
* Standalone Apps: Standalone apps should need only exports.h.Mike Partington2011-12-061-0/+1
* nds32: standalone supportMacpaul Lin2011-10-221-1/+16
* x86: Rename i386 to x86Graeme Russ2011-04-131-2/+2
* Fix build problems caused by "_end" -> "__bss_end__" renameWolfgang Denk2011-03-311-2/+2
* rename _end to __bss_end__Po-Yu Chuang2011-03-271-2/+2
* Make sure that argv[] argument pointers are not modified.Wolfgang Denk2010-07-041-1/+1
* nios: remove nios-32 archThomas Chou2010-05-281-17/+0
* nios2: fix r15 issue for gcc4Thomas Chou2010-05-281-3/+3
* Fix bug in jumptable call stubs for SPARC.Sergey Mironov2009-10-271-2/+2
* Blackfin: change global data register from P5 to P3Robin Getz2009-09-021-2/+2
* Move examples/ to examples/standalonePeter Tyser2009-07-211-0/+225
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