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* x86: Add an i8042 device for boards that have itSimon Glass2015-11-191-0/+10
* sandbox: add a sandbox timer and basic testThomas Chou2015-11-191-0/+7
* mtd: add altera quadspi driverThomas Chou2015-11-121-0/+35
* cfi_flash: convert to driver modelThomas Chou2015-11-121-0/+88
* dm: adc: add simple ADC uclass implementationPrzemyslaw Marczak2015-11-021-0/+62
* dm: pmic: add s2mps11 PMIC I/O driverPrzemyslaw Marczak2015-11-021-0/+17
* s5p: cpu_info: print "cpu-model" if exists in dtsPrzemyslaw Marczak2015-11-021-0/+21
* doc: device-tree-bindings: spi: Add zynq qspi infoJagan Teki2015-10-251-0/+26
* net: convert altera_tse to driver model and phylibThomas Chou2015-10-231-0/+112
* nios2: convert altera sysid to driver modelThomas Chou2015-10-231-0/+4
* nios2: convert altera timer to driver modelThomas Chou2015-10-231-0/+19
* nios2: convert nios2 cpu to driver modelThomas Chou2015-10-231-0/+54
* nios2 : convert altera_pio to driver modelThomas Chou2015-10-231-0/+28
* spi : convert altera_spi to driver modelThomas Chou2015-10-231-0/+4
* nios2: convert altera_uart to driver modelThomas Chou2015-10-231-0/+7
* nios2: convert altera_jtag_uart to driver modelThomas Chou2015-10-231-0/+4
* drivers: Introduce a simplified remoteproc frameworkNishanth Menon2015-10-221-0/+14
* rockchip: Bring in RK3288 device tree file includes and bindingsSimon Glass2015-09-026-0/+579
* x86: baytrail: Configure FSP UPD from device treeAndrew Bradford2015-08-141-0/+158
* power: regulator: update comments for regulator-namePeng Fan2015-08-121-11/+8
* dm: video: Add support for the Parade PS8622/625 bridgeSimon Glass2015-08-051-0/+33
* dm: i2c: Add support for multiplexed I2C busesSimon Glass2015-08-051-0/+60
* x86: dts: Fix typo in intel,irq-router.txtSimon Glass2015-08-051-2/+2
* spi: Fix zynq SPI bindingMichal Simek2015-07-281-16/+19
* dm: led: Add a driver for GPIO-controlled LEDsSimon Glass2015-07-211-0/+52
* dm: Add support for LEDsSimon Glass2015-07-211-0/+23
* spi: cadence_qspi: add device tree binding docVikas Manocha2015-07-031-0/+28
* spi: zynq_spi: Add fdt support in driverJagan Teki2015-07-011-0/+2
* dts: zynq: Add zynq spi controller nodesJagan Teki2015-07-011-0/+27
* Merge git:// Rini2015-06-051-0/+4
| * fdt: Pass the device serial number through devicetreePaul Kocialkowski2015-06-051-0/+4
* | x86: gpio: add pinctrl support from the device treeGabriel Huau2015-06-041-0/+31
* | x86: Document irq router device tree bindingsBin Meng2015-06-041-0/+50
* sandbox: add: sandbox PMIC device drivers: I2C emul, pmic, regulatorPrzemyslaw Marczak2015-05-142-0/+80
* dm: regulator: add fixed voltage regulator driverPrzemyslaw Marczak2015-05-141-0/+38
* dm: regulator: add max77686 regulator driverPrzemyslaw Marczak2015-05-141-0/+70
* dm: pmic: add max77686 pmic driverPrzemyslaw Marczak2015-05-141-0/+35
* dm: regulator: add implementation of driver model regulator uclassPrzemyslaw Marczak2015-05-141-0/+54
* tegra124: dts: Add host1x node to provide display informationSimon Glass2015-05-131-0/+372
* fdt: Add binding decode function for display-timingsSimon Glass2015-05-131-0/+110
* serial: fdt: add device tree support for pl01xVikas Manocha2015-05-101-0/+7
* dts: sunxi: Bring in Ethernet device tree bindingsSimon Glass2015-04-185-0/+161
* dm: i2c: add i2c-gpio driverPrzemyslaw Marczak2015-04-181-0/+37
* video: exynos_fb: configure backlight GPIOs if specified in DTAjay Kumar2015-04-061-0/+2
* Documentation: gpio: fix bindings documentMasahiro Yamada2015-02-191-2/+3
* samsung: board: support eMMC reset using DTJoonyoung Shim2015-02-131-0/+15
* dm: i2c: dts: Support an offset-len device tree propertySimon Glass2015-01-291-0/+28
* dm: tegra: Bring in GPIO device tree bindingSimon Glass2015-01-291-0/+40
* dm: exynos: Bring in GPIO device tree bindingSimon Glass2015-01-291-0/+41
* dm: gpio: Bring in GPIO device tree bindingSimon Glass2015-01-291-0/+211
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