path: root/cmd/sata.c
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* dm: sata: Separate the non-command code into its own fileSimon Glass2016-05-171-118/+20
* dm: sata: Fix code style problems in cmd/sata.cSimon Glass2016-05-171-5/+7
* sata: use block layer for sata commandEric Nelson2016-04-011-2/+4
* dm: block: Rename device number member dev to devnumSimon Glass2016-03-141-3/+3
* dm: part: Rename some partition functionsSimon Glass2016-03-141-3/+3
* dm: Drop the block_dev_desc_t typedefSimon Glass2016-03-141-5/+5
* Remove the cmd_ prefix from command filesSimon Glass2016-01-251-0/+227
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