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* arm: Remove tx25 boardSimon Glass2015-09-115-340/+0
* arm: Remove palmtreo680 boardSimon Glass2015-09-115-735/+0
* arm: Remove xaeniax boardSimon Glass2015-09-115-504/+0
* arm: Remove vpac270_nor_128 boardSimon Glass2015-09-116-283/+0
* arm: Remove vl_ma2sc boardSimon Glass2015-09-114-550/+0
* arm: Remove vision2 boardSimon Glass2015-09-115-814/+0
* arm: Remove versatileab boardSimon Glass2015-09-114-133/+0
* arm: Remove tt01 boardSimon Glass2015-09-115-290/+0
* arm: Remove tk71 boardSimon Glass2015-09-115-335/+0
* arm: Remove scb9328 boardSimon Glass2015-09-117-657/+0
* arm: Remove rd6281a boardSimon Glass2015-09-116-360/+0
* arm: Remove qong boardSimon Glass2015-09-117-614/+0
* arm: Remove pxa255_idp, zipitz2 boardsSimon Glass2015-09-1112-864/+0
* arm: Remove portuxg20, stamp9g20 boardsSimon Glass2015-09-115-317/+0
* arm: Remove polaris and trizepsiv boardsSimon Glass2015-09-115-234/+0
* arm: Remove palmtc boardSimon Glass2015-09-114-85/+0
* arm: Remove palmld boardSimon Glass2015-09-114-85/+0
* arm: Remove otc570 boardSimon Glass2015-09-115-427/+0
* arm: Remove openrd boardsSimon Glass2015-09-116-381/+0
* arm: Remove omap3_sdp3430 boardSimon Glass2015-09-116-647/+0
* arm: Remove omap3_mvblx boardSimon Glass2015-09-119-1183/+0
* arm: Remove nhk8815 boards and nomadik archSimon Glass2015-09-115-156/+0
* arm: Remove mx51_efikamx, mx51_efikasb boardsSimon Glass2015-09-117-993/+0
* arm: Remove mv88f6281gtw_ge boardSimon Glass2015-09-116-315/+0
* arm: Remove lp8x4x boardSimon Glass2015-09-114-155/+0
* arm: Remove jornada boardSimon Glass2015-09-115-264/+0
* arm: Remove mx31_litekit boardSimon Glass2015-09-115-208/+0
* arm: Remove imx27lite, imx27_litekit and magnesium boardsSimon Glass2015-09-115-285/+0
* arm: Remove ima3-mx53 boardSimon Glass2015-09-115-340/+0
* arm: Remove enbw_cmc boardSimon Glass2015-09-114-921/+0
* arm: Remove eb_cpu9k2 and eb_cpu9k2_ram boardsSimon Glass2015-09-114-400/+0
* arm: Remove dig297 boardSimon Glass2015-09-115-575/+0
* arm: Remove unmaintained davinci boardsSimon Glass2015-09-1144-1408/+0
* arm: Remove snowball and u8500_href boardsSimon Glass2015-09-1110-1953/+0
* arm: Remove eukrea boardsSimon Glass2015-09-119-441/+0
* arm: Remove balloon3 boardSimon Glass2015-09-114-245/+0
* board/BuR: simplify default IP-setup on B&R boards.Hannes Petermaier2015-09-111-10/+0
* Merge branch 'master' of Rini2015-09-111-0/+6
| * sun5i: Add A10s-Wobo-i5 defconfig and dtsJelle van der Waa2015-09-101-0/+2
| * sun5i: Add q8_a13_tablet defconfig and dtsHans de Goede2015-09-101-0/+1
| * sun4i: Add dts and defconfig for iNet-1 based tabletsHans de Goede2015-09-101-0/+1
| * sun4i: Add defconfig and dts for inet9f-rev03 based tabletsHans de Goede2015-09-101-0/+1
| * sun4i: Add defconfig and dts for the pov protab2-ips9 tabletHans de Goede2015-09-101-0/+1
* | at91, taurus, smartweb: add dfu supportHeiko Schocher2015-09-112-0/+56
* | taurus: board updatesHeiko Schocher2015-09-111-3/+3
* | arm, at91: add axm extensionsHeiko Schocher2015-09-111-15/+181
* | corvus, dfu: add dfu supportHeiko Schocher2015-09-111-0/+21
* | at91: corvus: board updatesHeiko Schocher2015-09-111-1/+1
* | x86: Enable PCIe controller on quark/galileoBin Meng2015-09-091-0/+56
* | x86: bayleybay: Convert to use more dm driversBin Meng2015-09-091-6/+0
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