path: root/board/raspberrypi/rpi/rpi.c
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* ARM: add Raspberry Pi 3 64-bit configStephen Warren2016-04-111-0/+25
* rpi: BCM2837 and Raspberry Pi 3 32-bit supportStephen Warren2016-04-011-1/+15
* rpi: add Raspberry Pi 3 board IDStephen Warren2016-04-011-0/+5
* rpi: use constant "unknown board" DT filenameStephen Warren2016-04-011-5/+1
* ARM: bcm283x: don't always define CONFIG_BCM2835Stephen Warren2016-03-271-1/+1
* serial: pl01x: Add support for devices with the rate pre-configured.Eric Anholt2016-03-221-1/+1
* rpi: set board serial number in environmentLubomir Rintel2016-02-241-0/+33
* rpi: set ethaddr as wellLubomir Rintel2016-02-081-0/+3
* rpi: fix up Model B entriesLubomir Rintel2016-02-081-10/+10
* rpi: link to another model number info sourceStephen Warren2016-02-081-0/+5
* rpi: add support for Raspberry Pi ZeroStephen Warren2015-12-051-0/+5
* rpi: fix revision scheme parsingStephen Warren2015-12-051-34/+53
* rpi: get rid of BCM2835_BOARD_REV_* macrosStephen Warren2015-12-051-19/+23
* ARM: rpi: Add CONFIG_ENV_VARS_UBOOT_RUNTIME_CONFIG supportGuillaume GARDET2015-10-241-0/+13
* ARM: rpi: add another revision of Raspberry Pi A+Lubomir Rintel2015-10-191-0/+5
* Move ALLOC_CACHE_ALIGN_BUFFER() to the new memalign.h headerSimon Glass2015-09-111-0/+1
* ARM: bcm283x: Allocate all mailbox buffers cacheline alignedAlexander Stein2015-08-121-5/+5
* ARM: rpi: add a couple more revision IDsStephen Warren2015-04-131-0/+10
* ARM: rpi: fix RPi1 board rev detection for warranty bitStephen Warren2015-03-241-0/+7
* rpi: add support for Raspberry Pi 2 model BStephen Warren2015-02-211-2/+26
* bcm2835/rpi: add SPDX license tags for some filesStephen Warren2015-02-211-11/+1
* lcd: dt: extract simplefb supportNikita Kiryanov2015-02-101-0/+1
* ARM: rpi: consolidate board rev error checkingStephen Warren2014-12-291-7/+9
* ARM: rpi: support model A+Stephen Warren2014-12-291-2/+12
* ARM: rpi: only set usbethaddr on relevant systemsStephen Warren2014-12-291-0/+17
* dm: rpi: Move serial to driver modelSimon Glass2014-12-111-0/+12
* ARM: rpi: rename rpi_b to rpiStephen Warren2014-12-081-0/+283
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