path: root/board/freescale/ls1043ardb/ls1043ardb.c
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* armv8: ls1043ardb: invert irq pin polarity for AQR105 PHYShaohui Xie2016-05-181-0/+4
* armv8: ls1043ardb: fix types of variablesQianyu Gong2016-05-181-3/+3
* armv8: ls1043a: remove redundant code in board filesQianyu Gong2016-05-181-5/+0
* armv8/ls1043: Add workaround for DDR erratum A-008850Shengzhou Liu2016-05-171-8/+0
* Kconfig: Move CONFIG_FIT and related options to KconfigSimon Glass2016-03-141-0/+1
* board: ls1043ardb: Modify pin-muxing code for USB and QE-HDLCZhao Qiang2016-02-241-10/+43
* board: ls1043rdb: Move USB muxing config to config_board_muxZhao Qiang2016-02-241-15/+15
* board: ls1043ardb: Add micro QE support for ls1043ardbZhao Qiang2016-02-241-0/+8
* armv8/ls1043ardb: add SECURE BOOT target for NORAneesh Bansal2015-12-151-1/+17
* armv8/ls1043ardb: Add support for >2GB memoryShaohui Xie2015-12-131-0/+10
* armv8/ls1043ardb: add USB supportGong Qianyu2015-11-301-0/+16
* armv8/ls1043ardb: Add sd boot supportGong Qianyu2015-10-291-0/+6
* armv8/ls1043ardb: esdhc: Add esdhc support for ls1043ardbYangbo Lu2015-10-291-0/+1
* armv8/ls1043a: Add Fman supportShaohui Xie2015-10-291-0/+4
* armv8/ls1043ardb: Add LS1043ARDB board supportMingkai Hu2015-10-291-0/+131
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