path: root/arch/arm/dts/tegra20.dtsi
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* tegra: video: Convert tegra20 LCD driver to driver modelSimon Glass2016-02-161-0/+2
* tegra: dts: Sync tegra20.dtsi with Linux v4.4Simon Glass2016-02-161-122/+417
* ARM: tegra: Add Tegra20 SPI device nodesMirza Krak2015-09-161-0/+57
* ARM: tegra: Add Tegra20 PCIe device tree nodeThierry Reding2014-12-181-0/+59
* tegra: dts: Add serial port detailsSimon Glass2014-09-101-10/+41
* tegra: dts: Bring in GPIO bindings from linuxSimon Glass2014-06-201-2/+13
* Tegra: fdt: Add/enhance sdhci (mmc) nodes for all T20 DT filesTom Warren2013-03-141-4/+12
* Tegra: fdt: Change /include/ to #include for C preprocessorTom Warren2013-03-141-1/+1
* tegra20: fdt: add SPI SFLASH nodeAllen Martin2013-02-111-0/+12
* tegra: fdt: add apbdma nodeAllen Martin2013-01-171-0/+21
* tegra: fdt: sort dts filesAllen Martin2013-01-171-189/+188
* tegra: fdt: remove clocks nodesAllen Martin2013-01-171-10/+0
* tegra: fdt: Add LCD definitions for TegraSimon Glass2012-11-191-0/+98
* tegra: fdt: Add pwm binding and nodeSimon Glass2012-11-191-0/+7
* tegra: fdt: Add NAND controller binding and definitionsSimon Glass2012-09-071-0/+7
* tegra: fdt: Add keyboard controller definitionAnton Staff2012-05-151-0/+4
* fdt: tegra: Add EMC node to device treeSimon Glass2012-05-151-0/+7
* tegra: fdt: i2c: Add extra I2C bindings for U-BootSimon Glass2012-03-291-1/+9
* tegra: usb: fdt: Add additional device tree definitions for USB portsSimon Glass2012-03-291-0/+4
* tegra: fdt: Add clock bindingsSimon Glass2012-03-291-0/+16
* tegra: fdt: Add Tegra2x device tree file from kernelSimon Glass2012-03-291-0/+168
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