path: root/arch/arm/cpu/armv8/zynqmp
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* common: Pass the boot device into spl_boot_mode()Marek Vasut2016-06-261-1/+1
* ARM64: zynqmp: Extend page_table_sizeMichal Simek2016-06-061-0/+5
* ARM64: zynqmp: Add SPL support supportMichal Simek2016-05-242-0/+108
* ARM64: zynqmp: Select SYS_CONFIG_NAME via KconfigMichal Simek2016-04-041-9/+6
* zymqmp: Replace home grown mmu code with generic table approachAlexander Graf2016-03-151-169/+48
* ARM64: zynqmp: Add initial support for the first siliconMichal Simek2016-01-272-2/+6
* ARM64: zynqmp: Use the same U-Boot version with/without ATFMichal Simek2016-01-273-4/+30
* zynqmp: mp: Add support for booting R5 from any addressMichal Simek2015-11-191-3/+35
* zynqmp: usb: Add usb dwc3 driver support for zynqmpSiva Durga Prasad Paladugu2015-08-191-0/+3
* ARM: zynqmp: Add platform specific arch_get_page_tableMichal Simek2015-08-191-0/+5
* zynqmp: Enable U-Boot run in EL3Michal Simek2015-08-191-0/+4
* zynqmp: Add support for IP detection via SLCRMichal Simek2015-07-282-0/+64
* zynqmp: mp: Simplify set_r5_start handlingMichal Simek2015-07-281-6/+1
* zynqmp: Define ep config for ZynqMPSiva Durga Prasad Paladugu2015-07-281-2/+10
* zynqmp: Kconfig: Move zynqmp KconfigSiva Durga Prasad Paladugu2015-07-281-0/+15
* zynqmp: Add support for emulation platform - VeloceMichal Simek2015-04-292-0/+5
* zynqmp: Add support for R5 sw loadingMichal Simek2015-04-292-0/+243
* zynqmp: caches: Enable dcache for zynqmpSiva Durga Prasad Paladugu2015-04-291-0/+164
* arm64: Add Xilinx ZynqMP supportMichal Simek2015-03-023-0/+86
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