path: root/arch/arm/cpu/armv8/start.S
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* armv8: Enable CPUECTLR.SMPEN for coherencyMingkai Hu2016-07-081-0/+8
* arm64: optimize smp_kick_all_cpusMasahiro Yamada2016-06-241-3/+1
* arm/arm64: implement a boot header capabilityAndre Przywara2016-06-061-0/+10
* ARM: fix ifdef in ARMv8 lowlevel_init() againMasahiro Yamada2016-05-231-1/+1
* ARM: fix ifdefs in ARMv8 lowlevel_init()Stephen Warren2016-05-061-0/+2
* ARM: always perform per-CPU GIC initStephen Warren2016-04-181-10/+0
* ARM: allow CONFIG_GICV* not to be definedStephen Warren2016-04-111-2/+2
* armv8: ls2080a: Implement workaround for core errata 829520, 833471Ashish kumar2016-02-011-0/+19
* armv8: New MMU setup code allowing to use 48+ bits PA/VASergey Temerkhanov2016-01-191-0/+36
* armv8: Make COUNTER_FREQUENCY optionalThierry Reding2015-09-161-0/+2
* arm/errata: Update required bits for A57 cores erratasBhupesh Sharma2015-07-201-4/+4
* remove unnecessary version.h includesRob Herring2015-03-241-1/+0
* Merge branch 'master' of git:// Rini2015-03-101-0/+45
| * Errata/ARM57: Add basic constructs to handle and apply A57 specific erratasBhupesh Sharma2015-01-311-0/+45
* | armv8/vexpress64: make multientry conditionalLinus Walleij2015-03-091-4/+15
* Arm64 fix a bug of vbar_el3 initializationDavid Feng2014-05-251-2/+2
* arm64 patch: gicv3 supportDavid Feng2014-04-081-7/+39
* armv8/cache: Change cache invalidate and flush functionYork Sun2014-04-071-4/+6
* armv8/cache: Flush D-cache, invalidate I-cache for relocationYork Sun2014-04-071-6/+0
* armv8/cache: Consolidate setting for MAIR and TCRYork Sun2014-04-071-22/+0
* arm64: core supportDavid Feng2014-01-091-0/+164
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