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@@ -121,6 +121,35 @@ mcboottimeout: MC boot timeout in milliseconds. If this variable is not defined
mcmemsize: MC DRAM block size. If this variable is not defined, the value
+mcinitcmd: This environment variable is defined to initiate MC and DPL deployment
+ from the location where it is stored(NOR, NAND, SD, SATA, USB)during
+ u-boot booting.If this variable is not defined then MC_BOOT_ENV_VAR
+ will be null and MC will not be booted and DPL will not be applied
+ during U-boot booting.However the MC, DPC and DPL can be applied from
+ console independently.
+ The variable needs to be set from the console once and then on
+ rebooting the parameters set in the varible will automatically be
+ executed. The commmand is demostrated taking an example of mc boot
+ using NOR Flash i.e. MC, DPL, and DPC is stored in the NOR flash:
+ cp.b 0xa0000000 0x580300000 $filesize
+ cp.b 0x80000000 0x580800000 $filesize
+ cp.b 0x90000000 0x580700000 $filesize
+ setenv mcinitcmd 'fsl_mc start mc 0x580300000 0x580800000'
+ If only linux is to be booted then the mcinitcmd environment should be set as
+ setenv mcinitcmd 'fsl_mc start mc 0x580300000 0x580800000;fsl_mc apply DPL 0x580700000'
+ Here the addresses 0xa0000000, 0x80000000, 0x80000000 are of DDR to where
+ MC binary, DPC binary and DPL binary are stored and 0x580300000, 0x580800000
+ and 0x580700000 are addresses in NOR where these are copied. It is to be
+ noted that these addresses in 'fsl_mc start mc 0x580300000 0x580800000;fsl_mc apply DPL 0x580700000'
+ can be replaced with the addresses of DDR to
+ which these will be copied in case of these binaries being stored in other
+ devices like SATA, USB, NAND, SD etc.
Booting from NAND
Booting from NAND requires two images, RCW and u-boot-with-spl.bin.
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