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net/designware: Consecutive writes to the same register to be avoided
This commit is an add-on to f6c4191f. There are a few registers where consecutive writes to the same location should be avoided or have a delay. According to Synopsys, here is a list of the registers and bit(s) where consecutive writes should be avoided or a delay is required: DMA Registers: Register 0 Bit 7 Register 6 All bits except for 24, 16-13, 2-1. GMAC Registers: Registers 0-3 All bits Registers 6-7 All bits Register 10 All bits Register 11 All bits except for 5-6. Registers 16-47 All bits Register 48 All bits except for 18-16, 14. Register 448 Bit 4. Register 459 Bits 0-3. Signed-off-by: Dinh Nguyen <> Reviewed-by: Matthew Gerlach <> Acked-by: Amit Virdi <>
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