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authorDirk Behme <>2007-08-02 17:41:14 +0200
committerWolfgang Denk <>2007-08-10 10:33:34 +0200
commitf7c086e94e8ce9aad7268af97f73aa6884686f27 (patch)
treef6027f3aa957584b779daeb26efba7326630a8e8 /lib_avr32/Makefile
parenta22806469a8f2b69c829f4fd5361fdebd0cb01b4 (diff)
Move 64bit division from avr32 to generic lib
Move the 64bit division from lib_avr32 to lib_generic. With this, all boards can do_div/__div64_32 if needed, not only avr one. Code is put to lib_generic, so no larger memory footprint if not used. No code modifications. Thanks for proposal by Håvard Skinnemoen. Signed-off-by: Dirk Behme <>
Diffstat (limited to 'lib_avr32/Makefile')
1 files changed, 1 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/lib_avr32/Makefile b/lib_avr32/Makefile
index cf20836023..bb2938fe5c 100644
--- a/lib_avr32/Makefile
+++ b/lib_avr32/Makefile
@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@ LIB = $(obj)lib$(ARCH).a
SOBJS = memset.o
-COBJS = board.o interrupts.o avr32_linux.o div64.o
+COBJS = board.o interrupts.o avr32_linux.o
SRCS := $(SOBJS:.o=.S) $(COBJS:.o=.c)
OBJS := $(addprefix $(obj),$(SOBJS) $(COBJS))
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