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common/cmd_bootm.c: fix subcommand processing in OS specific do_bootm_xxx() functions
In commit "5c427e4: use BOOTM_STATE_OS_CMDLINE flag for plain bootm" and "3d187b3: Only pass BOOTM_STATE_OS_CMDLINE on PowerPC/MIPS", BOOTM_STATE_OS_CMDLINE was added to do_bootm for PowerPC and MIPS. This breaks other OSes (vxworks, netbsd, plan9,...) that don't support subcommand processing, e.g. they all contain the following code in their do_bootm_xxx(): if (flag & BOOTM_STATE_OS_PREP) return 0; if ((flag != 0) && (flag != BOOTM_STATE_OS_GO)) return 1; which will result a "subcommand not supported" error. This patch changes the above logic to: /* if not go command, pretend everything to be OK */ if (flag != BOOTM_STATE_OS_GO) return 0; Signed-off-by: Miao Yan <>
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