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authorSimon Glass <>2014-11-14 20:56:40 -0700
committerSimon Glass <>2014-11-25 07:11:17 -0700
commit4c59f95327966b83981cb53371a854570a01e8d9 (patch)
tree9abbcb2d8b8f336ea0cae2e492a3b7c84cf40f85 /drivers/bios_emulator/besys.c
parentad6edca379117d52da373818a5db3027da2ad14b (diff)
bios_emulator: Add vesa support and allow ROMs to be passed in as data
As well as locating the ROM on the PCI bus, allow the ROM to be supplied to the emulator. Split the init up a little so that callers can supply their own interrupt routines. Also allow a vesa mode to be provided, to be selected once the BIOS run is complete. Signed-off-by: Simon Glass <>
Diffstat (limited to 'drivers/bios_emulator/besys.c')
1 files changed, 2 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/drivers/bios_emulator/besys.c b/drivers/bios_emulator/besys.c
index 70c472a16b..8e29a9eafe 100644
--- a/drivers/bios_emulator/besys.c
+++ b/drivers/bios_emulator/besys.c
@@ -713,9 +713,9 @@ through to the real hardware if we don't need to special case it.
void X86API BE_outl(X86EMU_pioAddr port, u32 val)
#if !defined(CONFIG_X86EMU_RAW_IO)
- if (IS_PCI_PORT(port))
+ if (IS_PCI_PORT(port)) {
PCI_outp(port, val, REG_WRITE_DWORD);
- else if (port < 0x100) {
+ } else if (port < 0x100) {
DB(printf("WARN: INVALID outl.%04X <- %08X\n", (u16) port,val);)
LOG_outpd(port, val);
} else
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