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+ * (C) Copyright 2001
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+ * See file CREDITS for list of people who contributed to this
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+ * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
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+ */
+USB Support for PIP405 and MIP405 (UHCI)
+The USB support is implemented on the base of the UHCI Host
+Currently supported are USB Hubs, USB Keyboards and USB Floppys.
+Tested with a TEAC Floppy TEAC FD-05PUB and Chicony KU-8933 Keyboard.
+How it works:
+The USB (at least the USB UHCI) needs a frame list (4k), transfer
+descripor and queue headers which are all located in the main memory.
+The UHCI allocates every milisecond the PCI bus and reads the current
+frame pointer. This may cause to crash the OS during boot. So the USB
+_MUST_ be stopped during OS boot. This is the reason, why the USB is
+NOT automatically started during start-up. If someone needs the USB
+he has to start it and should therefore be aware that he had to stop
+it before booting the OS.
+For USB keyboards this can be done by a script which is automatically
+started after the U-Boot is up and running. To boot an OS with a an
+USB keyboard another script is necessary, which first disables the
+USB and then executes the boot command. If the boot command fails,
+the script can reenable the USB kbd.
+Common USB Commands:
+- usb start:
+- usb reset: (re)starts the USB. All USB devices will be
+ initialized and a device tree is build for them.
+- usb tree: shows all USB devices in a tree like display
+- usb info [dev]: shows all USB infos of the device dev, or of all
+ the devices
+- usb stop [f]: stops the USB. If f==1 the USB will also stop if
+ an USB keyboard is assigned as stdin. The stdin
+ is then switched to serial input.
+Storage USB Commands:
+- usb scan: scans the USB for storage devices.The USB must be
+ running for this command (usb start)
+- usb device [dev]: show or set current USB staorage device
+- usb part [dev]: print partition table of one or all USB storage
+ devices
+- usb read addr blk# cnt:
+ read `cnt' blocks starting at block `blk#'to
+ memory address `addr'
+- usbboot addr dev:part:
+ boot from USB device
+Config Switches:
+CFG_CMD_USB enables basic USB support and the usb command
+CONFIG_USB_UHCI defines the lowlevel part.A lowlevel part must be defined if
+ using CFG_CMD_USB
+CONFIG_USB_KEYBOARD enables the USB Keyboard
+CONFIG_USB_STORAGE enables the USB storage devices
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