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Add USB host ethernet adapter support
This adds support for using USB Ethernet dongles in host mode. This is just the framework - drivers will come later. A new config option called CONFIG_USB_HOST_ETHER can be defined in board config files to switch this on. The was originally written by NVIDIA and was cleaned up for release by the Chromium authors. Signed-off-by: Simon Glass <>
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@@ -28,7 +28,8 @@ USB Support for PIP405 and MIP405 (UHCI)
The USB support is implemented on the base of the UHCI Host
-Currently supported are USB Hubs, USB Keyboards and USB Floppys.
+Currently supported are USB Hubs, USB Keyboards, USB Floppys, USB
+flash sticks and USB network adaptors.
Tested with a TEAC Floppy TEAC FD-05PUB and Chicony KU-8933 Keyboard.
How it works:
@@ -78,3 +79,4 @@ CONFIG_USB_UHCI defines the lowlevel part.A lowlevel part must be defined
CONFIG_USB_KEYBOARD enables the USB Keyboard
CONFIG_USB_STORAGE enables the USB storage devices
+CONFIG_USB_HOST_ETHER enables USB ethernet dongle support
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