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authorStephen Warren <>2012-10-08 08:14:33 +0000
committerTom Rini <>2012-10-17 07:59:10 -0700
commit788a8c1fc9d27aa9f07d85425783bfce6ebe974a (patch)
treea759350259375c3d7d42bf88876153b760851969 /disk
parent38a3021edc5421a2fae90d57112d001d74bba1fa (diff)
disk: part_efi: re-order partition list printf, change case
The partition name is a long variable-length string. Move it last on the line to ensure consistent layout and that the entries align with the "header" line. Also, surround it in quotes, so if it's empty, it's obvious that something is still being printed. Also, change the case of the LBA numbers; lower-case looks nicer in my opinion, and will be more consistent with the UUID printing that is added later in this series. Signed-off-by: Stephen Warren <>
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1 files changed, 4 insertions, 4 deletions
diff --git a/disk/part_efi.c b/disk/part_efi.c
index 008177ecb0..b6b2bf505e 100644
--- a/disk/part_efi.c
+++ b/disk/part_efi.c
@@ -136,16 +136,16 @@ void print_part_efi(block_dev_desc_t * dev_desc)
debug("%s: gpt-entry at %p\n", __func__, gpt_pte);
- printf("Part\tName\t\t\tStart LBA\tEnd LBA\n");
+ printf("Part\tStart LBA\tEnd LBA\t\tName\n");
for (i = 0; i < le32_to_int(gpt_head->num_partition_entries); i++) {
/* Stop at the first non valid PTE */
if (!is_pte_valid(&gpt_pte[i]))
- printf("%3d\t%-18s\t0x%08llX\t0x%08llX\n", (i + 1),
- print_efiname(&gpt_pte[i]),
+ printf("%3d\t0x%08llx\t0x%08llx\t\"%s\"\n", (i + 1),
- le64_to_int(gpt_pte[i].ending_lba));
+ le64_to_int(gpt_pte[i].ending_lba),
+ print_efiname(&gpt_pte[i]));
/* Remember to free pte */
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