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authorStefan Roese <>2009-12-03 06:24:30 +0100
committerWolfgang Denk <>2009-12-07 22:44:31 +0100
commit39ff7d5f4cc547a2034a8bfc2a5b5f4b62fd5c20 (patch)
tree10da4e2dddd8851ae3c01280225fb572fb1ca02a /board/mpl/mip405
parent2a49bf3149e34e6f910e70bbc0a26e81cfdbdf70 (diff)
POST: Remove duplicated post_hotkey_pressed() functions
This patch introduces a weak default function for post_hotkey_pressed(), returning 0, for boards without hotkey support. The long-running tests won't be started on those boards. This default function was implemented in many board directories. By implementing this weak default we can remove all those duplicate versions. Boards with hotkey support, can override this weak default function by defining one in their board specific code. Signed-off-by: Stefan Roese <>
Diffstat (limited to 'board/mpl/mip405')
1 files changed, 0 insertions, 11 deletions
diff --git a/board/mpl/mip405/mip405.c b/board/mpl/mip405/mip405.c
index 495e9bd88a..af3a98a42f 100644
--- a/board/mpl/mip405/mip405.c
+++ b/board/mpl/mip405/mip405.c
@@ -706,17 +706,6 @@ void print_mip405_rev (void)
- * Returns 1 if keys pressed to start the power-on long-running tests
- * Called from board_init_f().
- */
-int post_hotkeys_pressed(void)
- return 0; /* No hotkeys supported */
extern int mk_date (char *, struct rtc_time *);
int last_stage_init (void)
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