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arm, davinci: Use CONFIG_SPL_PAD_TO for padding the SPL in an ais image
The commits commit b7b5f1a16ca66dfdd817e7339f0e263a5b9f2758 Author: Albert ARIBAUD <> da850evm, da850_am18xxevm: convert to CONFIG_SPL_MAX_FOOTPRINT and commit e7497891e34efe5cb2b3a3dc7c6c096c012ede28 Author: Albert ARIBAUD <> cam_enc_4xx: convert to CONFIG_SPL_MAX_FOOTPRINT replaced CONFIG_SPL_MAX_SIZE by CONFIG_SPL_MAX_FOOTPRINT. However, CONFIG_SPL_MAX_SIZE is used in the Makefile for padding the SPL when preparing an u-boot.ais image. By removing CONFIG_SPL_MAX_SIZE said commits broke the ais image of the da850evm and cam_enc_4xx configurations. This patch converts the u-boot.ais target to use CONFIG_SPL_PAD_TO instead of CONFIG_SPL_MAX_SIZE for padding the SPL and adds a #define CONFIG_SPL_PAD_TO where it is required. Signed-off-by: Christian Riesch <> Reported-by: Tom Taylor <> Cc: Sudhakar Rajashekhara <> Cc: Heiko Schocher <> Cc: Albert ARIBAUD <>
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