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ppc4xx: Enable Primordial Stack for 40x and Unify ECC Handling
This patch (Part 1 of 2): * Rolls up a suite of changes to enable correct primordial stack and global data handling when the data cache is used for such a purpose for PPC40x-variants (i.e. CFG_INIT_DCACHE_CS). * Related to the first, unifies DDR2 SDRAM and ECC initialization by eliminating redundant ECC initialization implementations and moving redundant SDRAM initialization out of board code into shared 4xx code. * Enables MCSR visibility on the 405EX(r). * Enables the use of the data cache for initial RAM on both AMCC's Kilauea and Makalu and removes a redundant CFG_POST_MEMORY flag from each board's CONFIG_POST value. - Removed, per Stefan Roese's request, defunct memory.c file for Makalu and rolled sdram_init from it into makalu.c. With respect to the 4xx DDR initialization and ECC unification, there is certainly more work that can and should be done (file renaming, etc.). However, that can be handled at a later date on a second or third pass. As it stands, this patch moves things forward in an incremental yet positive way for those platforms that utilize this code and the features associated with it. Signed-off-by: Grant Erickson <> Signed-off-by: Stefan Roese <>
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