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imx: ventana: add fdt fixup to enable UHS-I support on selected boards
UHS-I support is available on Ventana boards with micro-SD sockets depending on the board revision. For backwards compatibility to not break users who have old bootloaders and newer kernels the device-tree on boards with microSD disables UHS-I support by default by defining the no-1-8-v property in the esdhc controller node. For models/revisions that support switchable 1.8V/3.3V I/O which is detectable by the presence of a pull-down on the SD3_VSELECT pin we remove that property to enable support in the kernel. Additionally we add SD3_VSELECT to the pinmux for clarity (even though U-Boot does not currently support UHS-I modes requiring 1.8V I/O). Signed-off-by: Tim Harvey <>
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