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net: TFTP: variables cleanup and addition
TFTP source and destination port variable names are 'tftpsrcp' and 'tftpdstp' in the code, but 'tftpsrcport' and 'tftpdstport' in the README file. Fix the README. Add environment variable 'tftptimeoutcountmax'. As per the comments about the global variable tftp_timeout_count_max, make sure tftptimeoutcountmax is nonnegative. Introduce configuration option CONFIG_NET_TFTP_VARS, which controls whether environment variables tftpblocksize, tftptimeout, and tftptimoueoutcountmax are read by the TFTP client code. CONFIG_NET_TFTP_VARS defaults to y but can be set to n by targets with to tight size contraints. Make bf527-ezkit set CONFIG_NET_TFTP_VARS to n to keep the target size below limit.
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@@ -5450,10 +5450,10 @@ List of environment variables (most likely not complete):
unset, then it will be made silent if the U-Boot console
is silent.
- tftpsrcport - If this is set, the value is used for TFTP's
+ tftpsrcp - If this is set, the value is used for TFTP's
UDP source port.
- tftpdstport - If this is set, the value is used for TFTP's UDP
+ tftpdstp - If this is set, the value is used for TFTP's UDP
destination port instead of the Well Know Port 69.
tftpblocksize - Block size to use for TFTP transfers; if not set,
@@ -5467,6 +5467,14 @@ List of environment variables (most likely not complete):
faster in networks with high packet loss rates or
with unreliable TFTP servers.
+ tftptimeoutcountmax - maximum count of TFTP timeouts (no
+ unit, minimum value = 0). Defines how many timeouts
+ can happen during a single file transfer before that
+ transfer is aborted. The default is 10, and 0 means
+ 'no timeouts allowed'. Increasing this value may help
+ downloads succeed with high packet loss rates, or with
+ unreliable TFTP servers or client hardware.
vlan - When set to a value < 4095 the traffic over
Ethernet is encapsulated/received over 802.1q
VLAN tagged frames.
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