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@@ -3096,17 +3096,6 @@ CBFS (Coreboot Filesystem) support
memories can be connected with a given cs line.
Currently Xilinx Zynq qspi supports these type of connections.
- enable the W#/Vpp signal to disable writing to the status
- register on ST MICRON flashes like the N25Q128.
- The status register write enable/disable bit, combined with
- the W#/VPP signal provides hardware data protection for the
- device as follows: When the enable/disable bit is set to 1,
- and the W#/VPP signal is driven LOW, the status register
- nonvolatile bits become read-only and the WRITE STATUS REGISTER
- operation will not execute. The only way to exit this
- hardware-protected mode is to drive W#/VPP HIGH.
- SystemACE Support:
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