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armv8: fsl-layerscape: Make DDR non secure in MMU tables
DDR has been set as secure in MMU tables. Non-secure master such as SDHC DMA cannot access data correctly. Mixing secure and non- secure MMU entries requirs the MMU tables themselves in secure memory. This patch moves MMU tables into a secure DDR area. Early MMU tables are changed to set DDR as non-secure. A new table is added into final MMU tables so secure memory can have 2MB granuality. gd->secure_ram tracks the location of this secure memory. For ARMv8 SoCs, the RAM base is not zero and RAM is divided into several banks. gd->secure_ram needs to be maintained before using. This maintenance is board-specific, depending on the SoC and memory bank of the secure memory falls into. Signed-off-by: York Sun <>
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